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smile7k-150Donor Egg at Coastal ConceptionsPlease call for a Password to browse our donors here!

Coastal Conceptions is an egg donor agency specializing in high quality donors. We currently have  many Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic egg donors. We screen our egg donors with antral follicle counts to ensure only the best egg donors are used. Please call for more information!

Use of donated eggs can lead to successful pregnancies for:

  • women with premature ovarian failure
  • women whose own eggs are of poor quality
  • women in the older reproductive age group (under age 50)
  • women with chromosomal translocations or genetic diseases that they wish to avoid passing on to their offspring.

Donors may be a family member or friend of the woman desiring a pregnancy or an anonymous volunteer screened by our staff. The egg donor must use fertility drugs to stimulate the development of multiple mature eggs, whereas the recipient woman takes estrogen and progesterone to prepare the uterus for embryos derived through egg donation. Ninety percent of our egg donor cycles include the use of an anonymous young, female donor.  All egg donors are screened before they are accepted into the program.

Many recipient couples have a large number of embryos through egg donation, which allows the possibility of freezing some for future use.

Newport Fertility Center has an egg donor program named Coastal Conceptions. Please call us to register as an intended parent or if you are interested in becoming an egg donor.

Donor Egg cycles are have the highest IVF success rates with the lowest miscarriage rates and are an excellent option for certain patients.