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New Patients


Taking the First Step- New Patients may download the forms for the New Visit of our Orange County infertility clinic  here:

Download New Patient Forms:

1. ASRM Patient History Form

2. New Patient Policy Form

3. HIPAA Privacy Form

4. Carrier Screening Form

5. Covid Consent

Please download these forms and fill them out before your visit to our California fertility center. You can bring them in before hand, or at the time of your new visit. Please bring the following items so we may give you the best possible care:

    • Completed History Form
    • Medical Records including blood tests.
    • HSG Report and Semen Analysis (if done)
    • HIPAA Form
    • Consents and Policies Forms signed 
  • Carrier Screening Form

If you have done previous fertility testing or treatment, such as a IVF in Southern California, please bring these records to your visit or drop them off prior to your first visit. If you have had an X-ray dye test (HSG), please contact the radiology department and bring a copy of the films or a CD with the images.


COST of New Visit

Please contact us for the current fee schedule for a new visit. The physician will go over all of your records and explain all of your options in detail and individualize your specific care. This may be done over Telehealth or in the office. 


Please contact us to discuss the fee schedule. Please feel free to call or email and schedule a telephone consultation with our financial manager. Your Insurance company may or may not cover services and we can help you understand your benefits.


If you just found out you are pregnant, a fertility specialist can monitor you closely during the first 12 weeks, working closely with your general OB/GYN physician. We perform blood tests and ultrasounds to make sure the pregnancy grows appropriately. Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and bleeding may occur during the first trimester. We will watch you closely for these conditions and give you recommendations regarding foods, activity, and medications during early pregnancy. At 12 weeks, we will transfer your care back to your OB physician.


Many women wonder about their fertility. As a woman’s ovaries age, the ability to achieve pregnancy diminishes. This is called decreased ovarian reserve. At Newport Fertility Center, we can perform tests for ovarian reserve. Blood tests, ultrasounds, and a history and physical exam can be performed to give you information regarding your ovarian reserve. Egg Freezing is a simple procedure to help preserve fertility. Please ask about our Fertility Check-up Services available at our infertility treatment center.

How do I transport my frozen sperm, eggs, or embryos to CCRM OC? Please call us to see to discuss if this is possible.

Financial assistance is available through Prosper Healthcare Lending. Click here to apply.

We believe everyone should have the ability to choose fertility treatment. We have arranged a financial partner to make treatment more available.